Pre Wedding

Welcome to “Live in Moments,” where a decade of capturing life’s essence has shaped our artistry into timeless stories. Dive into our world of pre-wedding photography, a specialty that has stolen the hearts of our clients.

In the dance of love, our lenses are storytellers, freezing moments that mirror the unique chemistry and unspoken bonds between couples. At “Live in Moments,” we believe the journey to “I do” is as beautiful as the destination.

Our pre-wedding photography celebrates connection—capturing stolen glances, shared laughter, and the unfiltered joy defining a couple’s journey to matrimony. We pride ourselves on crafting visual narratives that showcase both aesthetic beauty and the genuine emotions making each love story unique.

Embark on this visual journey with us, capturing the magic of anticipation, the promise of forever, and the warmth of shared glances. Let “Live in Moments” curate your pre-wedding story, turning fleeting moments into timeless memories etched in your hearts.

I want to tell your story

Whether getting married in your garden or jetting across the planet, I’ll be there.  Natural and unobtrusive documentary wedding photography with extra awesome!  I’ve won numerous awards for my creative wedding photography, and awards are great. But what really matters to me is doing an amazing job for all my couples and the reviews and feedback I get show I have nailed this.  The fact I shoot the weddings of friends and family of previous couples is the best accolade. Not only will your photos be mind blowing, you’ll have the best experience from start to finish. I’m with you all the way – your friend who happens to have a camera.

Weddings are about much more than just one day. When the dress has been worn, the cake has been eaten and the party has ended, what you have is your memories. Each image I create for you will take you back to how it felt to be there in that very moment.